3D model commissions resume

Hi! Since a loooong time ago, I’ve been pretty busy making 3D model commissions. I’m trying to be a bit more active here, though, so I’ll start by keeping you up with what I’ve made so far:
Commission for Soproxi (William Kenner) by molegatoCommission for VCR-Wolfe by molegatoCommission for Xeshaire (Kyouxii) by molegatoCommission for ClannadLover22 (Eos) by molegatoComission for DonateIIo (Danielle) by molegatoCommission for EMReven (The Atomic Knights) by molegatoCommission for Pitbullie by molegatoNate Commission for SugiIite (Nate) by molegatoCommission for GlowingSpirit (Nidhoggr) by molegato[Sold] 3D adopt: Great Ancient Dragon by molegato[Sold] 3D adopt: ShockWing Dragon by molegato3D Holy Wyvern by molegatoCommission for Soulkillur (Gigi) by molegatoCommission for Soulkillur (Souli chibi) by molegatoCommission for OnigiryStuff (Bao) by molegatoCommission for BlauesFeuer by molegatoCommission for Sallynyan (Diala) by molegatoCommission for HouseGhosts (Drew) by molegatoCommission for Belliko-art (Momo) by molegatoCommission for Estrrapade (Kuniku) by molegatoCommission for Estrrapade (myo nurse fumi) by molegatoCommission for Heyitskubur by molegatoRaffle prize chibi for Fluffiums90 by molegatoCommission for Kawiku (Astral) by molegatoCommission for Kawiku (Keke) by molegatoChibi Commission for TwinsofSatan by molegatoCommission for Pupuliima by molegatoCommission for Berneri by molegatoCommission for Ant-eater by molegatoCommission for Shadoritos (Adam and Lappazol) by molegatoCommission for Shadoritos (Papri) by molegatoCommission for Zigzaggin-goon by molegatoCommission for TornTethers by molegatoCommission for doveletters (2) by molegatoCommission for saw-bones (Announcer) by molegato

… and a lot more. If you want to check my whole deviantArt gallery, click here. πŸ™‚

Soon I’ll be back with news about Demented Pixie’s launch!

Patreon launched, Demented Pixie almost ready for Early Access!

Why have I started a Patreon page?

Well, as most of you could have guessed, I’ve been working on videogames and graphic arts as a hobby. To make the jump to a proffessional level, though, there are some… obstacles for me.

Setting up as a sole trader should be free, but in Spain, land of thieves, it isnt. It’s as much as 300€/350$ monthly, plus around 20% of what you make. Continuing to expand my works and trying to make them bigger and better is very hard without doing it, so… yeah. I’m in a bit of a pickle.

The patreon page is here, and you can get some nifty goodies by participating! Discounts on deviantArt commissions, exclusive tutorials, etc. Plus you’ll help me get stuff done! πŸ™‚

On other news: Demented Pixie!

While I need to become a sole trader to make the game into Steam or to perceive relatively big amounts of money off it, I can start publishing it soon as early access on a number of platforms. This will further help me pass this small bureocratic bottleneck and start moving to bigger fields!
Expect more news about it soon!

Demented pixie Image compilation

Hi! Some time has gone by since my last post about Demented Pixie here. I’ve been uploading images and animations about it to my twitter account meanwhile (You’re wellcome to take a look!), and so, I’ll make a compilation of everything we’ve got so far!

Drownpipe, or how I made a game in two days (kinda)

Hi there! I’m still working hard on Demented Pixie, which is a huge-ass project with tons of contents.
I recently became aware of 1gameamonth, though, and since their theme this month is death, I came up with this little game.
I wanted to finish it over the weekend, which I almost did (my internet connection is so horrible right now that I spent two days trying to download texture packages), setting my record in 3 days.

The game is simple, starts easy and becomes hard pretty fast. You just have to grab whatever mobile piece of the trapdoors’ locks and move it around to unlock each of the barriers, risking drowning if it takes too long.

Take a look at the game at its profile now!

So what’s Demented Pixie?

Hi! Lately I have been teasing images about my upcoming game, Demented Pixie. You probably already got an idea of what this game is, more or less, but it’s about time to flip the cards and show the figures.


What kind of game is it?

Demented Pixie is a Top-Down Twin-Sticks shooter, and also is a randomly generated Roguelike. That means there’s shooting, there’s item using, there’s equiping items to improve your stats, there’re tons of bosses, combinable power-ups, minimaps, shops, hordes of enemies, and courtesy of both genres, there’s gratuitous difficulty! And lovely permadeath.


What about the story?

I’ll let this little part of the introduction narration speak in my stead:

Sprites, pixies, fairies…
Many names have been given to the fair folk.
Born of magic, and magic themselves,
their power only limited by their will,
there was just one thing they feared: madness.
A pixie with a broken mind had imprevisible,
dangerous, chaotic powers.
Legends says, in the bottom of their dungeon
lays the most dangerous of them all.
But was it really a demented one?
Or did they just fear its powers?
Once again, it tries to scape,
with little scraps of sanity as its guide,
and the darkest madness as its weapon.


I have wanted to make a roguelike-like for quite a long time, and in fact, have many other game ideas that could fall under that category, but this one got a lot of weight after one night I dreamed about it. By the design of the fairy you could think I was inspired by Zelda games, but actually, I’m not a big fan of them (Only got really into minish cap). My inspirations for the gameplay, however, are very certain. Those are the games that made me want to make this game the way I’m making it:

  • Paranautical Activity
  • Dungeons of Dredmor
  • Ultratron
  • Smash TV
  • Those weird bonus levels on Spyro the Dragon 3 where you controlled Sparx
  • and, of course, the king of indie roguelike-likes: The Binding of Isaac

What can we expect now?

The game is coming along nicely, but probably I’ll run a kickstarter campaign. I’m beign totally sincere now, as I’ve allways been: This campaign is not neccessary to complete the game. My expectatives on it are higher than what can be done with zero as my budget, though. Software licenses, original soundtrack, publishment fees and other things will require some founding, so I hope for a successfull, if not huge, kickstarter campaign, which will actually have some interesting rewards for the backers!


I don’t know exactly the release date, it’s far from now, maybe fall-winter. It depends of how much I can afford to put in the game, and how I can publish it.

I want to help!

Wow, that’s nice of you! Currently, an online Public Relations guy/gal would be awesome to add to the team.

If you want to actually give some ideas don’t be afraid of sending them to me by e-mail, on twitter, or just plain here as a comment. You can help too by talking about it on your favourite social media site, writing an article about it, or what have you not. Tell me and I’ll make sure to pass by and thank you! πŸ™‚

Final words

Well, this is my idea. This is the game I’m making, and the one I want to make. It’s also a game I love making, and a game I hope you love, too.
An amalgamation of magic, thrill, and thought, a dark fairytale, something dark and full of light.

Thanks for your attention, and stay tuned for the first teaser, the demos and the press releases! Let’s start this!


Demented Pixie: “The guardian awaits”

Remember I said keys were important in this game? Well, you need to pick all of the keys in a floor to access the boss… I mean Guardian Room, which on completion, gives you access to the next floor.

How do the bosses of this game look? Well, here’s one of them:


Oogoong: The Chained One

There’ll be tons of them, not appearing the same ones in every run, and they’ll be real though. You see where this is going…

Demented pixie: the equip menu



Hi there! Been working hard on the inventory / equip system.


You sure didn’t expect this, right? Jiggsaw puzzle for equipment!

Every new equip piece you find comes with randomized sides, having three forms for each one. You get a 3×3 grid to begin with (maybe it will be possible to extend it with an upgrade) and the first part you add must be the top center one (the slot is marked with a cross). From then on, everything you add must attach to the pieces you already put there.

Of course you can take these back and replace them with others, because they’re better, or because they allow you to fit more pieces.

Also we see here the stats window, which shows max health, damage, movement speed and attack speed (100% means normal attack, and having it go down mean faster attacks). Those stats show changes when dragging a piece to a slot, with stats that go up in green and stats that go down in red.


And finally, there are active items. Think of them like potions or tools. They have a cooldown, some of them have limited uses, and once equiped you can use them at any time.

All of those things can be controlled with mouse of with keyboard (and suposedly, with gamepad too. Haven’t done much testing with that).

If you have any question or suggestion, I’m here for you.

Have a nice day!

Demented pixie news

Hi! Got some new screenies about Demented Pixie.

Every level is randomly generated, so you’ll never know what’s to come!