Second character portrait… and character information salvo!

Now, I know there’s still not much expectation about it, but I feel like showing the second character!

You saw her (or a slighty outdated version of her) on Ramiro’s blog, but here’s the portrait:

That lady is the best secret spy ever! Fast, nimble, and stupid-and-smart-at-the-same-time, whatever that may mean… She’s dangerous while using her spy fighting style, but she’s even worse when improvising~


by the way…

Do you remember him? I tell you, his name’s Keit, but he got the surname of ‘boxy’ for reasons that are less obvious than you might guess. Former boxing champion, serious and with somewhat low self steem, fights kinda defensively, balancing well his moves.


Ok, I guess that’s all, hope you like those little fighters, cause there’re many to come~


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