Basimple BS


hooray for me. I made a Battle system.

It’s my first one in Ace, and… the second one I make so far. The first I make by my own without asking Ramiro to tell me what to do next every five minutes.

Ok, enought of my dark past.

Now I give birth to…


Clicking on the image also works!

What does it feature? It has:

  • Lateral sideview thing
  • Automatic mirror and animation_mirror
  • Animation (wich is optional)
  • Diferent animations depending on what’s the battler doing

I made it so it’s plug and play, you dont need to make actions to any skill, the character will just behave correctly, albeit in a repetitive fashion. Just like old times. It’s an attack to every enemy? He’ll go to the center. It’s magic? He’ll use the magic animation. Phsysical? Item? Check. And everything with the visual editor. Except a note you can add to skills and items to make them melee. It’s <melee>.

So, long story short:

  • You can change frame number for animated sprites in the config module
  • You can change the speed of the animated sprites in the same module
  • You can change from trhee kinds of damage animations on the config module
  • If a skill or item has the tag <melee> on the notes, the character will move to the target to attack, ele, it’ll just go a step ahead.
  • The animation used for the skills depends on wether it’s a magical or physical attack
  • The battler images work as follows: In case of heroes, the battler selected will be the one with the same name as his faceset.
    There has to be a folder under battlers with said name, and under it, a battler for each pose, or various, if animation is enabled. These poses are: stand, move, move_back, attack, item, physical, magical, hurt.
    If animation is enabled, they’ll be named stand0, stand1, stand2… etc, being innecesary ‘stand’ without number.
  • Basimple comes from basic and simple. And yes, sounds goofy.
  • And that’s about it. Really.

Compativility? Well, not tested yet. Feel free to experiment.

What’s this battle system good for? Making games FAST, or to give a retro style to the game. It’s also good for games with lots of characters, like a pokemon-digimon-persona-something game.

So… Hope you like it, and hope it’s useful or at least interesting!

Aaaanyway… today was released the second strip on Critical! Miss… and I just decided to schedule it like one of those monday wednesday friday! So check it out if you want!


7 thoughts on “Basimple BS

  1. I’m on my phone so I can’t really look at the Basimple BS, but I’m still liking the comic, interested to see more.

    The concept of the battle system is intriguing.

  2. […] releases the Basimple battle system. It reminds jet’s system because it has a lot of simplicity, but don’t be bad with him, […]

  3. Xd465 says:

    umm…..could you make a demo?
    I’m getting like, “couldn’t find Name/stand0”
    Can’t use / in a filename.
    If demo is too much. Just tell me whats going on.

    • molegato says:

      Hi, what’s going on is that you dont have the graphics for the character. Please read the instructions, wich are on the post. You need to have a battler with the name of the enemy battler / actor faceset, and a folder with a battler for each action.
      If the frame number that you get to chose in the configuration part of the script is bigger than 1, then instead of ‘stand’ you’ll need ‘stand0’, ‘stand1’, ‘stand2’, and so on.
      Hope I cleared that out!

  4. NiCk says:

    I’m using this along with Yanfly’s system and everything works great except a small problem:
    All animations are doubled…! The command ”attack” for example slashes the enemy twice instead of just once.
    Is there any solution to this or there is no compability?

    • molegato says:

      Oh, I actually know why that happens. I’ll fix it soon, as soon as I get some time, cause today I’m stuffed with algebra practices -.-”
      So use it without fear, and when I update the battle script (I’ll add a couple of new features too) just replace it and everything will go fine.

    • molegato says:

      I made the changes. Also, I’d suggest to see the v2 post, rather than the first one. It’s just a better version of this one. Here is the link

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