Cut actions by element

So you played persona 3 and 4, and loved the ‘one more!’ system, and you want to use it, but fear that it’s too extreme, as this can break battles, if you dont spend a good time on debuging and balancing the game. Or you dont know what’s that about! Well, here I have something simple yet nice!


click on red text for .txt

This system gives to the battles a new flavour. The flavour of making speed and elements WAY more important on your way to victory.  Simply put, if you attack an enemy with a certain element he cannot resist, and he didnt perform his action this turn yet (because you are faster, and so, you attack before), there’s a chance he’ll lose his action. That chance might very well be 100%.

How does it work? Adding the enemy or actor this tag system to their notes:

<action_cutted: element_id,percentage>;
<action_cutted: element_id,percentage>

So for example, if an enemy can get stuned with element number 1, and allways will be stuned by element 2, we’d write

<action_cutted: 1,50>;
<action_cutted: 2,100>

You can add as many different elements as you want, as long as you put ‘;’ at the end of each one except for the last.

Aditional FEATURES! are:

  • Set a custom message for when an enemy or actor has lost his action this turn
  • Set to play a sound when their action has been cut

Hope you like!


3 thoughts on “Cut actions by element

  1. […] for games aiming for a side-view look. After a few hours, Molegato then creates a second script: Cut actions by element. It works akin to Persona’s “One more!” system. Molegato is working […]

  2. leaveittochance says:

    Very interesting and simple script. I like it. I don’t know if this function has been added or not, but can these notetags be applied to equipment? It’d be nice to change a character’s vulnerability to an element during gameplay.

    • molegato says:

      As for now, sadly it doesn’t, as the script looks for tags on the notes of the actor/enemy, and notes, unlike properties, are not added from equip or states. However, for this and a number of other issues, I plan to add to molegato functions the hability to check not only an actor or enemy’s notes, but also their equips/status, looking for extra tags. It’s on my to do list, but Basimple v3 comes first.

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