Lateral characters


Ok, this is not as interesting as the parallax one, and I dont think anyone will actually want to use it, since it’s kind of specific and simple.


Just plug and play. The character sheet should be just two rows, first one for stand, second one for walking, all facing the left, 8 frames each. For the stand to animate, the event/player must have activated the ‘step animation’ option, wich is in the front page for events, and need to be activated trhu move event for the player.

I highly recommend to use it along with a pixel movement, mode 7, platforming or some other character movement script, since moving straight up with this looks kind of awnkward.

And that’s about it. Now please check the parallax script, wich is way more helpful and I want to show off! ^^U

EDIT: V2 is out, and changed its name to Side/top characters.


2 thoughts on “Lateral characters

  1. […] Molegato releases another script! This time it is called Lateral characters. From the way I understand it, it allows a spritesheet to have a single walking animation with 8 frames, and it’s very nifty for games aiming for a birds-eye or top view look. […]

  2. […] releases Lateral Characters. If you let me answer, it reminds me Paper mario […]

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