Multiple Parallaxes script

Be it my most cool and useful script so far!


Click on red text for .txt file

It allows you to:

  • Use more than just one parallax (something there’re other scripts for anyway)
  • Set each parallax the z you want, making it able to use it as background or overlay, or many of each!
  • Set the horizontal and vertical speed of each parallax, with no limitations!
  • Pin or not each parallax to the map!
  • As a trickery gimmick, it’s possible making animated parallaxes by setting them not to pin to the map and horizontal speed equal to the window width, providing the parallax has also that width.

How this wonder works? With this tag system:

<parallax: parallax_image,z,horizontal_speed,vertical_speed,pin?>;
<parallax: parallax_image,z,horizontal_speed,vertical_speed,pin?>;
<parallax: parallax_image,z,horizontal_speed,vertical_speed,pin?>

Note: The last parallax line you add needs NOT to have the ‘;’ at the end. pin must be 1 if the parallax has to be pinned to the map, any other value otherwise. Those tags go on the map notes, btw.

Hope you like, I’m really proud of this!

And I want to thank Ramiro, as he explained to me how to use WELL regexp, and so, the notes.


Edit: Stupid of me, but I forgot to paste part of the code… It’s fixed now.


One thought on “Multiple Parallaxes script

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