”The formerly least customizable battle system, but customizable!”

Script | molegato functions

So now you wonder: “what’s new with that? there’re already a bunch of better battle systems”

What was good about this BS is it’s simplicity. It was just plug and play, and that’s about it.

But now it has (optional) configurations and extra features, as follows:

  • Allows to auto-arrange enemies if the option is enabled. The enemies will be auto-arranged the same way actors are.
  • Troops with ‘@’ in their name will not auto-arrange. Because bosses sometimes need certain position to look cooler.
  • The side for the heroes can be set as left or right, the enemies will be on the opposite part of the screen. Everything will mirror just fine!
  • You can set the horizontal margin for the parties.
  • You can set the vertical position of the lower party member.
  • You can set a ‘diagonal’ effect by incrementing each member of the party (and troop) x position a bit more!
  • You can set the distance for melee attacks.
  • You can set the distance for step-and-cast actions.
  • You can set the Y for the center of your battlefield, at wich battlers will move when casting an action for all targets at the same time.
  • You can activate ‘global mirror’, wich will make every battler mirror. It’s there just in case your battlers are facing the left direction, rather than the right, so you dont have to mirror, like, everything, manually. That’s a pain in the ass if you have animated graphics.
  • You can set an action to be melee by adding <melee> to its skill or item notes.
  • You can set a casting animation for use before the battler movement adding <cast_anim: id> to said action, being id the id number of the animation to play.
  • In the same way, you can set a casting animation for use after the battler has moved near the target, or a step forward, instead of before moving, by adding <melee_anim: id>
  • Or what the hell, you can add both. Flashy!
  • You can set actors’ and enemies’ a guard animation adding <guard_anim: id> to their notes.
  • You can set actions to have a unique graphic, instead of the default physical, magical, item ones, by adding <custom_pose: name> to their notes! Just make sure you have the needed graphic files!
  • Enemies and actors can be resized so you can make giant/small versions of enemies, thanks to the tags <enemy_size: size> and <actor_size: size>


Hope all those features are enought for now! I personally think my battle system grew its beard.

What’s out of my shell?

  • A message system! This was needed, thanks to Yanfly, we’ve got another of the basics covered.
  • Craze made a regrouth options script, basically healing hp, mp or tp if the battler perform a certain task, like killing an enemy. Really useful for accesories, in my opinion, as it gives them more depth and make them influence the gameplay further.
  • Ramiro is working on a new part for the lmbs wich we’ll use in Steel Pawn, so soon there’ll be nice looking videos.
  • Mitchi shown us a video of a REALLY cool looking battle system he’s thinking about porting to ace, aparently, for his personal project. It looks awesome, me likes it.

23 thoughts on “BASIMPLE BATTLE SYSTEM V2!

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  4. w9 form says:

    Lets try out this RPG Maker VX Ace

  5. […] TO THE SCRIPT PAGE Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Scripts.Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment […]

  6. Rinku says:

    Copy/pasted the script into a clean project and gets this error upon selecting New Game:

    Script ” line447:NoMethodError occured.

    undefined method ‘tag_check_multivalues’ for

    Help? What can I do?

  7. Rinku says:

    Dunno why the stuff after # didn’t appear in the previous post. It had something about RPG::Actor 0x350 stuff with at the ends.

    • molegato says:

      Hi, for the error you’re getting, it’s most likely you need molegato functions. First version of the script didn’t need it, and that’s why it’s not marked as ‘you need molegato functions script’. I forgot to mark it. Anyway, just do that, I’ll put a link to molegato functions from this script too ^^U

      • Rinku says:

        Thank you so much!! Now, I need to make various stand graphics for every battler 😐
        That’s to make them animated, right? Is there a way I can disable that so that the system will just use a single graphic file for every enemy?

  8. Rinku says:

    Actually I think that error is coming from the XAS script… or something. So you can delete these comments if they’re irrelevant.

    • Rinku says:

      Sorry for commenting so much (You can delete my last two posts, including this one). After testing, I cleared out all my scripts except the functions and basimple scripts and it still requires actor0/1/etc enemy0/1/etc. Can I work around this so that I just need to use one image file for each enemy?

      • molegato says:

        You need the graphics for the actors and enemy. In the configuration part of the script, if you select only one frame, you wont need that many images. anyway, you need a normal battler, and a folder with the same name. Inside that folder you put the rest of images for that battler. In the script there’re more instructions about it. Please read them carefully.

  9. renegat92 says:

    First of all good work. But I think you really need to write down a guide for those who want to go further in customizations because I got lost in your script! Yes your battle system is simple but it’s also very complete and I’m sure i’m gonna use this. But I got couple questions :
    -Is it possible to modify the number of frames and the frame speed for the movement insted of the default? (I want for example the attack movement to have 6 frame and the fame speed to be 0.8 instead of the default values specified in the script)
    -What are the differents poses that are supported by your script? I’m talking about stand(0,1…n) ,move ,attack and all those stuffs?
    -Are you planning on future update with others features?
    Thank you for your hard working and I should mention that I’m actually french speaking so if you misunderstood me at some point let me know.

    • molegato says:

      Hi! Maybe I should rewrite the help, I think I didn’t update it quite often…
      You can change the animation speed and number of frames for animation, but the movement speed is fixed at this version. (maybe I’ll change that on the next) In the configuration part of the script, FRAME_NUMBER and FRAME_SPEED are those values.
      As for the poses, you need at least the following:
      -attack (attack0,1,2… etc if you use more than a single frame)
      And you can add any custom one thanks to the tag note. Wich now I realize doesnt appear on the instructions part. Hooray.
      Yes, I’m planning to update it whenever I have a couple of interesting features to add. It’s v2.1 after all, so it means I’ve updated it several times before. Thanks for remembering me I need to work more on the help and instructions part of the script!

  10. renegat92 says:

    Thank’s for your reply. But I was asking if you can set differnt values of frame number for the poses for example stand has 3 frames and item 8 frames. Also I don’t understand how to make custom ones with tag note. I also forgot to ask if it was possible to assign special poses for weapons, skills, or item (if for example we can have a special pose for a skill or a bow for example) . If not it is not so bad . in fact i’m just making my own frame so it will take a while before I use this. I’m just asking this is not a request i dont want to pressure you. Good work and thank you for the poses.

  11. molegato says:

    Actually I’m working on a new version. So far, I’m implementing camera pan and zoom. Right now you have to use the same number of frames for every pose, but I’ll take that into account and change it for the next version. Also with that version will come a HUGE instruction manual, with images and stuff. It’ll take some time, but it’ll be as awesome as it can be.

  12. I really dig this because its so incredibly, incredibly simple and that actually opens up more room to be creative. My one wish for the next version is a “no movement” tag so you can disable the cast movement for the Guard command and immovable enemies.

    • molegato says:

      Actually, that’s a good idea! It won’t be necessary though, because a feature I want to add is custom actions! You know, telling what the battler will do step by step. I didn’t start coding it yet, because first I need to finish the camera movement and zoom, and fix a couple of bugs. Little by little, I guess.

  13. chaoss17 says:

    When you will release your new version please add a demo with it.

    • molegato says:

      I’m currently working on v3. It’ll take a while, since I have more things to do besides working on it.
      I won’t make a demo for this, for several reasons.
      Anyway, I plan to make an extensive instruction manual, with images and demostration of the effects of each feature.
      Be patient, and have fun meanwhile!

      • chaoss17 says:


        I am sorry to insist to make a demo because i’ve tried already several CBS and I can assure you it’s the best way to show that your CBS will not have bugs.

        But it’s your choices, I just wanted to give an idea.

      • molegato says:

        As I said, I won’t make a demo.
        I like when people need to know what they’re doing to make it work.
        I made it simple, so they don’t need to work a lot to use it, and the only thing you need to do is come to my page, copy the code, and follow the instructions. Bugs? tell me. People did, and I fixed most of them on the spot. It’ll be for the better, if there’s no vanilla black box for this BS, but instead a set of easy to understand instructions.

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