Command BGM script


I’ve been kind of lost the last couple of days, but I’m back and kicking with another ridiculously simple script!

Inspired in Devil Survivor comes…


It simply allows you to select two bgm for battle, instead of one. One will play while you select your command, and another while everyone’s action is performed. It comes with a couple of options, as follow:

  • You can select individually the command selecting bgm and the action bgm
  • You can also define ‘preconfs’, couples of bgm under a name, and assign them at once, useful for having a normal one, a boss one, etc.
  • You have to define a default one for each, and you can tell it to select the default bgms with a single function call.

All the instructions are in the script’s txt. Enjoy the heck of it! XD

And thank ramiro, for he hinted me in where to store the music configuration!


Now, what’s happening outside of my batcave?

  • Yanfly has been releasing more and more system scripts, worthing special mention  LTP mathematics and Equip dynamic stats, in my opinion.
  • Yami’s CTB is up and running, and has been released as standalone script.
  • Bon Bon gives us some tutorials more, and is nice enought to talk about my webcomic, even if it’s not strictly related to rpgmaker (really, that made my day)

4 thoughts on “Command BGM script

  1. Interesting. I’ll will have to play with this.

    • molegato says:

      Well, it’s kind of simple, so there’s not a lot to do with it. Still can give more ‘feeling’ to the battle, and comes in handy when you can make your own music (like me) but are not good enought musician to make long songs (like me)
      Anyway I’m curious to see what do you think of doing with it 😛

      • I think with the right mix of music, this could be really add a level of engagement for the player.

        I don’t have any of my own music that I think would work, but since I can use VX (once I find a converter) and VX ace tunes
        I might be able to find the right tracks.

        It will take a lot of experimenting, but I consider music to be a very important part of game design, so I will probably spend the time to do so.

  2. […] to use one music track for selecting commands and another while the actions happening, its called Command BGM.  Yet another that will most likely have a lot of uses is Event Info Window.  This window show up […]

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