Event transmutter script

Hi! I just ported an script I made for regular Vx some time ago.


This allows you to have a couple of  ‘event gallery’ maps, fill them with generic events, like, for example, enemies, save points, shops, chests, etc. and then place copies of those events. That’s useful when you’re eventing some complex minigame, action rpg, or simply have a couple of events that appear in a couple of places. You wont need to copy the whole event tree to each of them, and if you update the original event, you wont have to copy and paste the event AGAIN to every other event like him you already placed in your game.

The usage is easy-peasy:

  1. In the config module, you add a series of maps with names. The events from those maps can be copied
  2. In any other map, you just name the event you want to be a copy from that maps event with name-given-to-the-map_id-of-the-event-to-copy. Looking something like enemy_2 or npcs_21

That’s about it!


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