Event info window

Something new, hopefully useful, certainly not original.


script | molegato functions

Requires molegato functions v 1.1 or higher

This script simply allows you to make a window appear with some basic info about certain events when you’re near them.

How near? the distance can be set at the config module. What if there’re many events inside that range? the nearest one will show.

The options this script has are:

  • You can set the distance to an event for the window to appear
  • Only the events with a tagnote will have an info window
  • You can modify at will the following visual parameters for the window
    • Window parameters:
      • windowskin to use
      • tone
      • opacity
      • x position on screen
      • y position on screen
      • window width
      • window height
    • Show or not an image below everything
      • Image name
      • x position
      • y position
    • Show or not an image above the face and icon
      • Image name
      • x position
      • y position
    • Event name and event description parameters:
      • Font
      • x position on window
      • y position on window
      • Width
      • Height
      • Alignment (0 for left, 1 for center, 2 for right)
      • You can set any name or description for each event via tag comment, if none added, no name nor description will show up. You can show any of those two individually.
      • You can set a custom name and description color for each event via tag comment.
      • Event name parameters:
    • Event icon parameters:
      • x position
      • y position
      • You can set any icon for any event. If none added, no icon will show up
    • Event face parameters:
      • x position
      • y position
      • scale (from 0 to 1)
      • You can set any face file and any face index for each event via tag comment. If there’s no tag selecting one, no face will show on the window.

And well, that’s about it. Further instructions are in the script txt. Enjoy it if you can!

Update: Forgot to add another thing: Event description. Basically is another arbitrary text that you can use for anything you want, and has it’s own settings. The new screen shows it.

Plus! A screen of how I configured it for my project ‘Instead of Dreaming’. Click to enlarge it.


7 thoughts on “Event info window

  1. This looks pretty interesting, but I’m having trouble visualizing what this is suppose to look like.

    By chance could you put up an image of the script in action?

  2. Now I get what it is. I like it. I know I’ve seen others, but I like the configuration options of yours.

    I won’t ask about your game, but that screen shot alone makes me want to play it. That art style is cool.

  3. molegato says:

    Thanks! It’s being a lot of work, since I plan to use original graphics, original music and, well… my own scripts. Still using rtp sfx, though…
    Anyway, soon I’ll show some stuff from the game, as soon as I finish the whole ‘intro-first dungeon-first boss-now you’re playing the game’ thing~

  4. […] happening, its called Command BGM.  Yet another that will most likely have a lot of uses is Event Info Window.  This window show up when you get close to an event and with the right creativity this can be […]

  5. Bunni89 says:

    o.o Hi, just wondering in that Instead of Dreaming screenshot.. is that a sidescrolling map with drawn characters?? Is that seriously possible in RPGmaker?
    If you made it via a script or events is it possible you could share how you did it? I’ve been looking for something like this for a visual novel style game where just moving right and left and entering various buildings/picking up objects is all that’s necessary on the map, and I wanted to emphasize art over exploration.

    • molegato says:

      It’s a regular map, but I’m using the SideTop Character Script, you’ll find it in the script section of this blog ^^
      The background is done with my multiple parallax script, though for one-screen-long maps, and if you don’t need anything as foreground, the regular parallax should work.
      For moving just right or left, you just need a lot of not passable invisible events acting as walls so it’s not possible to get ‘out of the path’. Nothing fancy about that. The character won’t even look up or down if you’re using the lateral characters from my script.

      Take a look at the scripts section, maybe you’ll find something else you like!

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