Multiple turns script

Hi y’all. My brain has been bleeding till I managed to code this script:


script | molegato functions

What does it do? Simple put, adds a smal system to add more action to every battler, depending on their agility parameter.

How does it work in-game? Well, it depends on how do you configure it, but the standard way is something like this:

  1. A battler has one turn, by default
  2. Then, extra turns by traits are added, just as they would do normally.
  3. After that, the minimum number of extra turns you can set in the config is added.
  4. And finally, the big deal: If the battler’s agility is greater than the average of the living battlers at that moment, he will gain aditional actions, depending on how much his agility surpass that average.

You have a number of options to configure it, so it doesn’t have to work exactly like this.

Your options are:

  • Recalculate order: If this is set as true, after every action is performed, the order for the incoming action of every battler is rearranged depending on their speed, so if the battler is fast enought, he’ll act just after this. If it’s set as false, then all the battlers will act once, then wait for their turn again, making only important the first action’s speed.
  • Global extra turns: Number of extra turns for everyone. Sure, you could just add extra turn traits to everyone manually, but we’re all lazy.
  • Turns per agi: Number of turns given for every agility point that surpasses the average. Of course it’s better to have a number between 0 and 1, as having decimal values will make you get a single turn for each x number of agi points.
  • Ignore average: Screw balance, you’ll gain turns for every agi point, regardless of average. This will make everybody to have more and more and more actions as they get agility, making the endgame battles sort of infinite, if the agi stat in your game is not fixed or semi fixed.

And that’s about it. I made it for my project, but I thought, hell, let’s just post it, maybe someone finds it interesting~

Note: this script needs molegato functions script v1.2 or newer.


7 thoughts on “Multiple turns script

  1. I will be using this for sure.

    • molegato says:

      I wasn’t sure about posting the script at first so it’s a good surprise to read that! Actually I’m wondering about what kind of project do you have in mind…

  2. I’m working on a game with a very bookish theme tentatively called “Tome Master.” Its about a librarian girl who is the current guardian of the Library.

    I plan to use the front view battle system with touch encounters, but I want combat to be interesting still, so I like gameplay scripts that add layers to combat like this.

    • molegato says:

      I’ll be looking forward to see more about it. I’m also trying to complicate battle a bit on my project, so maybe there’ll be more battle add-ons like this one.

  3. […] has made a few really nifty scripts my favorite recently is Multiple Turns.  This script uses agility to determine extra turns which I find really nice.  I may just not […]

  4. I am a huge fan of SMT’s Multiple Turns and this is almost the same. This is amazing and thank you~ ;v; )/

    • molegato says:

      Glad to know you like it! You can check the cut action script, as it’s similar too, if you like that kind of mechanics. Both can work together for extra-chaotic turns!

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