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This script allows you to change the size of any character on the maps. You can either make a map have a global size value, for close-up maps for example, or you can change a specific character via event script call.

Instructions copypasted from the script file:

# Every character will be of normal size if you don’t do anything.
# For setting a character size for a map, add this tag to its notes:
#   <chara_size: size>
# Size = 1 means normal size, 2 is double, 0.5 is half, etc
# You can also change specific events, or even the player character,
# its followers, or vehicles to a specific size via event script call.
# for that, use:
#   $game_map.set_vehicle_size(index,size)
#       index=0 boat, 1 ship, 2 airship
#   $game_map.set_event_size(number,size)
#   $game_map.set_player_size(size)
#   $game_map.set_followers_size(size)

Hope you like it!


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9 thoughts on “Character size script

  1. I like this script. Has a nice effect without being to complicated to use.

    For the chara_size tag was the tag for the map notes or the event notes?

    It reminded me that I wanted to include some transformation stuff in my game.

    • molegato says:

      Thanks! I plan to use it on my project, and as for now, the only map that uses it looks great. About your questions, the tags go on the map, so every event, character, vehicle or whatever gets that scale.
      The script call method overrides it, so even if you set a size on the map, you can actively change the size of the characters of a single event, or even make a puzzle about making your character small so he/she fits holes, and then big again so he/she can interact with items.
      Dont know, I guess there’re a lot of uses for such a generic thing.

  2. yogatta says:

    when tried this script based on the instruction. why i got error in line 37 of character size script, that method script isnt defined in Game_Map it said, then i search in Game_Map and that i found no method named map there. can you help me? i already use the molegato functions.

    • molegato says:

      Ok! Fixed it, I’m uploading the fixed script now.
      I didn’t get the error cause I used it with the multiple parallax script, wich also needed that method.
      Now you’ll be able to use it without any other script, anyway!

  3. […] has a new one as well:  Character Size.  Its nifty and user friendly, two of my favorite […]

  4. Pikakapi says:

    Wow, this could be useful for my big overworld characters.

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