Basimple BS update

Now it’s at v2.1

It has very few changes, but I find them interesting.

You have:

  • Enemy resize, so you can make bosses that are actually giant versions or normal enemies, or enemies of different sizes.
  • The same for actors.
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Yanfly’s Ace battle engine, in wich animations were repeated twice.
  • Fixed a problem with the depth of the battlers.



6 thoughts on “Basimple BS update

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  2. nick says:

    hello,i seem to have a weird bug where item animations for reviving are either not playing,or/and the revived party member does not appear again…
    Could you please help me?

    • molegato says:

      Curious. Once (still with the first version) that happend to me once.
      It never happend again with the second one, so I think the bug was somewhere on the functions I rewrited from scratch. Anyway, I’m currently using the script on a project and I don’t get that problem.
      Can you tell me if you have any other battle related scripts on your project, and the situation where it happens?

  3. NiCk says:

    Thanks 4 the reply…Here are my scripts (in order)(i know its a mess):

    Ace Core Engine
    Victor Basic Module
    Yanfly Ace Battle Engine
    Enemy HP Bar-by Yanfly
    Cursor Script by Yanfly
    Party engine script by Yanfly
    Save Engine Script by Yanfly
    System Options Script Yanfly
    Molegato Basimple
    AP System by Fomar0153
    Equipment skills by Fomar0153
    Ace Command List by Yanfly
    Anti-Fail Script by Yanfly
    Victor’s Passive States
    Menu Engine Ace Yanfly
    Custom Font Script (mine)
    Adjust Limits script Yanfly
    YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
    Steal Item by Yanfly

    Well That’s it…
    now how it happens…
    I have made an item called ”Phoenix Tears”,
    made it to target only one ally (dead)
    and set it to remove state (death 100%).
    Item type is normal,hit type Certain hit and animation from
    the default ones id:42.
    In battle i use the item on the dead party member,(who is dissapeared)
    and no animation is played,just the sounds,but the party member recovers.I tried to fix it then,i removed the animation and added the notetags and .
    It seems to work but then sometimes the revived member stays invisible.
    It happened at least 2 in 4 times,it seems a bit random.

  4. molegato says:

    Well, i don’t think its a compatibility issue given those scripts… I see you don’t have the molegato functions script, too. Put it with the rest of the modules and try again. Anyway I’ll make some checks and see for myself what happens under the same circumstances. Hope I can spot the error and fix it soon, so keep an eye on news on here.

  5. NiCk says:

    I put the Functions now and i thought it worked but then after 2-3 revives it happened again…
    Anyway…i hope you find it too.
    great script by the way,very easy to use.

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