Neka fineclaw, cartoony version

Sup! You probably don’t know Neka Fineclaw, Beast Demoness, former World Empress. She was going to be the main character of an old game project. Thing is… I drew her a couple of days ago, and I decided to color it today. It’s the first thing I color in a lot of time. Stupid algebra thing. So sad. Anyway! I’m so freaking proud of the outcome, i’m showing it to all of you. Please tell me what do you think about it be it good or bad!

Fancy green night background flavour

Transparent background flavour

In my deviantArt you can see it too!


2 thoughts on “Neka fineclaw, cartoony version

  1. I like it. The thought of her whacking someone with a pole makes me laugh. Maybe you could spin it into a comic or something. The floating head guy is pretty nifty too.

  2. […] shows off some cool artwork.  Check it out.  I really like the colors and the cartoony […]

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