I hate making big maps

So… I’ve been working a bit on Instead Of Dreaming.

Specially, I’m trying to finish the tile maping for the main map, the north district of KingRiver, the city Nathan lives at.

So far, here’s what I’ve done.

click to enlarge, if you dare!


2 thoughts on “I hate making big maps

  1. renegat92 says:

    Just one question why did you use a single map for a big city like this? Don’t you worry about lagging problems when you put events in it? I had that problem in my last game so i splitted my town .By the way it’s a very beautiful map ; i was wondering how to do modern towns before i “post-apocalyptise” (for my actual game) it now i’m fixed 🙂

    • molegato says:

      Well, I’ll probably need an antilag system, but the events are very few and they are deactivated most of the time (so different people appear different days) as the city map supposses to be a very schematic one.
      We’ll see anyway XD

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