Nathan portrait

So I was working a bit on my project lately. Making a huge map and stuff.

But that’s not really impressibe, so I’m showing you Nathan’s image for the status menu!

Click on it to enlarge, it’s a somewhat big one~


5 thoughts on “Nathan portrait

  1. Bravo2Kilo says:

    i think it look pretty cool, i really like the style

  2. This is really cool. Your art really makes me want to play your game, of course your handy scripts make me want to play your game too. No rush though, because quality takes time, at least that’s the excuse I use for myself.

    • molegato says:

      I have already about 20 minutes of gameplay.
      The story is still kind of young there, and tutorials are still popping up whenever a new feature appears first time. Buuuuuut… I have most of the scripting done, wich helps a lot.

      • Sounds like your making good progress.

        I finally got me jump system to work the way I wanted to (I took me three weekends to do). I’m starting to work on my battle system and making some battlers hopefully I will get something done by the end of summer (but I wouldn’t bet on it).

  3. […] shows us some more art from his game – Instead of Dreaming.  Damn this game looks to be so […]

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