Clean Message Window

Today, after centuries of not doing a shit about rgss… I present:


click on the image to download

What does this script do?

Very little, actually. But what it does is nice.

  1. Introduces the auto-line-jump. Meaning that if you write ‘blablabla yadda yadda overly long prhase’ without pressing enter a single time, the text will automatically divide itself in lines to fit the width of the window, so it doesn’t get out of range and impossible to read.
  2. Adjusts the vertical size of the message window to fit the number of lines of the text it shows, only if you activate that option. You can select the default state of that option on the configuration module, and you can change its state any time you want with a simple script call. You can also set a maximum line number, and if the text is longer than that, it’ll be shown in multiple messages.
  3. That’s all. Really. Just be glad it works with any window position, with and without faces, with window or dim background, and that I think it should be compatible with the ‘moving the window around’ trick.

Enjoy and have fun!


4 thoughts on “Clean Message Window

  1. Bravo2Kilo says:

    This is a really useful script. I hate having to hit preview every time I type a line to make sure it doesn’t go out of the window, this will help it a lot, so good job on the script.

  2. Pilipoly says:

    Does it work with VX Ace?

  3. Very useful, yet easy to implement. Thanks a lot!

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