Must… rise… from… graveyard!

Hi! I bet you thought I’m dead already, or even worse, that I stopped making stuff!

But no chance. I’ve been working a lot lately, and sadly, more is to come. But actually I come with good news too.

Party plz is kind of paused till I get good enough with my digital tablet, and for the time being, I’m drawing Blue Digital Ink. That’s a small, fast-made comic that I’m using to practice with the damned drawing machine! Hope you guys love blue.

And for rpgmaker… I have a small project on my hands that is actually making progress. I’ll just say… sidescroller shooter!


5 thoughts on “Must… rise… from… graveyard!

  1. Yoshi says:

    Looks cool!! I love your scripts, you know? But…is this shooter game made with RPG MAKER? o_O

  2. Yoshi says:

    I don’t think so, don’t be modest! XD
    I only made 2D shooter with Game Maker cuz it was easy for me doing some scripting! XD
    But I want to learn RGSS…oh well.
    Hey! I saw “Part PLZ!” and I really love it, hope you go on with that, its really funny because I played lots of MMORPG and I wondered the same thing about guards!! XD
    Take care šŸ™‚

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