Minecraft + RPGmakerVxA = groovy!

Hiya! Today I come with something different:


for minecraft 1.4.2

How many of you play minecraft? And how many of you like the rpgmaker vx rtp?

Well, now minecraft can look pretty maker’ish! I first made this pack as a birthday present for Ramiro, but after 1.4 came out with the pretty scary update, I made a little rework on it and now everybody can use it~

Block textures look like tilesets, npc’s have also the general pattern of characters, and icons are just as the ones you know and love. Even the menus are rpgmakerlike! Most of the graphics are head-on copypaste, but I had to make others by editing and mofifying. Since, you know, there’s no creeper on rpgmaker. Sadly.

(It’s a hi-res texture pack, so you’ll need to patch your game with MCpatcher or you’ll have trippy graphic glitches)


4 thoughts on “Minecraft + RPGmakerVxA = groovy!

  1. davidnozomi says:

    hola, me sale error no puedo descargar el archivo

    • molegato says:

      Vaya, veo que filefront no deja de darme problemas -.-”
      Tendré que hacerme una cuenta en mediafire de una vez D:

      Ale, resubido, esta vez a mediafire. Intenta descargarlo de nuevo!
      – – – – –

      Link was broken. WAS. >B(
      So… it works now~

  2. Minu says:

    i download the demo but it’s not work…
    it say it cannot read the picture…

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