Diagonal movement fixes

Diagonal Movement Fixes

*click to download*

Some scripts give your players the hability to move diagonally, and that’s cool. SideTop Character does, as a lot more do. However, diagonal movement is not supported in a lot of rpgmaker’s features, such as player following and direction check. This script fixes that, and should be compatible with any diagonal movement script. (At least it is with SideTop Characters).

What this script does:

  • Makes possible for events to keep their diagonal direction even when they are not moving. (By default they snap to a cardinal one)
  • Allows events to move diagonally when chasing the player of fleeing from it. (By default they’ll retardedly zig-zag their way)
  • Makes the event condition ‘event/player looking this direction’ detect diagonal directions as both cardinal directions combined (by default, moving diagonally won’t trigger any direction in the events)

What this doesn’t do:

  • Implementing diagonal movement for the player by itself

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