Basimple BS 5.2 demos


Two demos showcasing how to use basimple BS 5.2 with two different battler styles are out!

These two are 2k3 Battlechar and normal character images! Right now I’m preparing a holder’s battlers style, so keep your eyes open… The demos come with a tiny small story of their own each one, so check it out!

Grab the demos here, and ask any question you have!


25 thoughts on “Basimple BS 5.2 demos

  1. Yoshi says:

    ¡¡Hoooola!! ¿no te molesta si hablo en español? entiendo perfectamente el inglés, pero me da pereza escribir en Inglés XD
    Como te dije antes ¡¡ME ENCANTÓ LA EVOLUCIÓN DE TU SISTEMA!!
    Y la demo, por favor, ¡¡cómo me hiciste reir!! Jajajaja sencillamente muy cómico, pero muy cómico.
    Bien, por ahora solo tengo dos preguntas:
    1-¿Es posible poner una sprite específico cuando el personaje recibe algún debuff? Es decir, si el personaje está envenenado, tomar una postura de “ouch este veneno me debilita”…o que si fue dormido poner un sprite de él realmente durmiendo XD.
    2- Me encantó eso de que aparezca el arma tras realizar un ataque…pero es es opcional ¿verdad? ¿se puede cambiar la velocidad con la que se muestra?

    ¡Gracias por tan maravillosa obra de arte!
    En serio…que no te sorprenda si en un futuro te pago para que me hagas unos cuantos scripts…

    ¡Mucho éxito!

    P/D: Si el hecho de que escriba en español desentona bastante…te pido mil disculpas, y la próxima vez sí o sí será en español XD.

    • Yoshi says:

      Quiero decir…escribiré en Inglés…maldito sueño…no coordinan mis neuronas :S
      …mejor iré a pagar una habitación en una INN para recuperarme 😦

      • molegato says:

        xD no hay problema. Lo de las armas es opcional, si lees el manual y miras las etiquetas de las armas, veras que tienen un tag para mostrar una animacion al atacar. Un arma que no tenga ese tag no mostrará ninguna, y ese es el comportamiento por defecto.
        En cuanto a lo de pagarme por un script, cuando quieras lo que quieras, a los G nadie le dice que no xD

        Y lo del estado… ahora mismo lo tengo en mi lista de cosas pendientes. Quiero poner un tag en estado para mostrar animaciones en loop y otro para cambiar la pose (y row) de stand. Pero tiempo al tiempo, la lista de cosas para la version 6 es grande…

  2. Yoshi says:

    Sí, leí el manual pero el de la versión 5 y hace bastante jaja.
    Yo con gusto te pediría scripts ahora pero primero necesito tener ideas para mis juegos y segundo, un trabajo jajaja.
    La verdad es que viendo tu sistema de batalla lo único que se me ocurrió fue crear una animación para estados alterados (que con eso pienso que quedaría completísimo y perfecto). Pero si tú dices que aún vienen más ideas en camino…pues O_O ¡¡genial!! 😀

    A esperar ^_^

  3. Wow! Looks good!

    I’m working on battlers, too, but I’m using Holder’s Animated Battlers as a base and customizing as needed. Even just that is intensive!

    What program are you using?

    • molegato says:

      Great to see you’re using holder’s, because there’s a holder’s demo on the works (it’s playable at the moment, but I’m adding features and making the story) so soon you’ll be able to use it if you wish.
      About your question… what program am I using for what? Graphic design? 2k3 battlers come from an old version of rpgmaker rtp, and the charas of the chara example are made with Vx Ace’s built in character generator. If you’re referring to the cartoony looking battlers from the preview image, they’re made with anime studio. If there’s any other question I’ll be able to answer 🙂

      • I didnt know there’s an anime studio too! I’ve been using manga studio for portraits, but that wouldn’t work for pixel art/spriting. Recently i’ve started using graphicsgale. So far I like it.

  4. Part of me wishes this is a full game. I laughed so hard over this scene:

  5. Jack says:


    I have a question, all animations work exept for the physical animation.
    Everytime i use a skill with physical its shows the stand animation. Can you plz help me with this. I havent changed anything and use you standard battlers


    • molegato says:

      Hello! What demo are you using?

      • Jack VD says:

        Hey man,

        Thx for your fast reply but i alrdy fixed it 🙂
        I didnt use a demo, i installed the script manually. Wrong page :p


      • molegato says:

        Well, that’s great!
        What was the problem? Just in case it happens again to someone 😉

      • Jack says:

        Of course,

        I had a problem were the animation of a physical skill was shown as a stand animation. All the other animations were find (magical, Normal, items). I tried to set a custom animation using the in the notes section but its didnt work. After some time i found out that all the skills in the menu that were between 1-50 could only use the attack/magical animation (still dont know why or if this i only with me). All skills of 50 and higher can have all animation including the physical animation 🙂

      • molegato says:

        Well that’s… odd. Never heard of such an issue ^^U

  6. Jack says:

    I struggled for a week with it. I honestly thought the forum was dead because the last post was of december but today i was like, lets ask it and hope for the best.

    Now i found it out myself somehow 🙂

    Love the script, it was what i needed to finally start my project.

  7. Jack says:

    Hey there again,

    I have a new question.
    I try to increase the number of frames of a custom animation using the following note on a skill:

    Is there something else i need to do before i can make longer animations?


    • molegato says:

      Hi! The note is not showing, could you paste it again?
      Also, most of the times, to make a pose have more frames, you specify it directly on it’s filename. Have you read the pdf manual? It’s got much more than the in-script instructions!

  8. Jack says:

    Hey man,

    Ty again for the quick response. I already figured it out 😀
    I turned INDIVIDUAL_FN to true and then my custom animation now works!

  9. Jack says:

    Hey there again,

    I have another problem. I made a custom pose of 20 frames using the following code in the note section:

    It work fine in game my char uses the skill in battle the engine askes for stand animation 6 while its set on 5 using:
    PF_STAND = 5
    I can resolve the problem by creating new stand poses up to stand21 but the other poses now also need 21 frames..

    Help me plz 😦


    • molegato says:

      Let me get it straight!
      You made a custom pose that needs 21 frames (maybe a bit of an overkill ^^U), and when you switch back to stand, it asks for all the other frames that your custom animation used? That’s kind of strange.
      I wouldn’t discard a bug as the cause, but maybe there’s something wrong on your tags, since I cannot see them. Could you paste them?

  10. Jack says:

    Hey there,

    Thats exactly the problem.
    These are my options:

    # Default number of frames for the poses

    # Animation Speed
    FRAME_SPEED = 0.2

    # movement ratio. The bigger, the slower the movement

    # 0 -> default
    # 1 -> no effect
    # 2 -> all blink

    #dead pose? if set to false, the battler will disappear
    ACTOR_DEAD_POSE = false
    ENEMY_DEAD_POSE = false

    #troops with @ in their name will never auto-arrange

    #Number of frames for each normal pose
    #Only applies if INDIVIDUAL_FN is set true
    INDIVIDUAL_FN = true
    PF_STAND = 5
    PF_DEAD = 5
    PF_VICTORY = 5
    PF_MOVE = 5
    PF_MOVE_BACK = 5
    PF_HURT = 5
    PF_ATTACK = 5
    PF_ITEM = 5
    PF_MAGICAL = 5

    #Semi-Cardboard enemy mode (If set true, enemies’ actions will have a single frame)

    #Cardboard enemy mode (If set true, enemies will use normal battlers)
    #cardboard enemy mode overrides any other setting for enemies

    This are the notes on the animation:

    Hope its the information you need.

    Maybe its possible to make a chain like the character uses the pose i want and then return to stand? Im not good at chain btw even with the manual (bit of a newbie)

    • molegato says:

      “This are the notes on the animation:

      Hope its the information you need.”
      I cannot see your notes. Maybe you could use a custom chain that manually changes to stand. Tell me, how is your animation stored? is it a strip? or you use the notes to tell how many frames you need? If that’s the case, try making it a strip, then you won’t need to tell how many frames the animation needs.

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