Demented Pixie: “The guardian awaits”

Remember I said keys were important in this game? Well, you need to pick all of the keys in a floor to access the boss… I mean Guardian Room, which on completion, gives you access to the next floor.

How do the bosses of this game look? Well, here’s one of them:


Oogoong: The Chained One

There’ll be tons of them, not appearing the same ones in every run, and they’ll be real though. You see where this is going…


One thought on “Demented Pixie: “The guardian awaits”

  1. Yoshi says:

    Realmente me fascina la estética de tu juego, yo no tendría imaginación para algo como eso XD

    ¡Ánimo con tu proyecto! Estaré pendiente de próximas actualizaciones 😀

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