3D model commissions resume

Hi! Since a loooong time ago, I’ve been pretty busy making 3D model commissions. I’m trying to be a bit more active here, though, so I’ll start by keeping you up with what I’ve made so far:
Commission for Soproxi (William Kenner) by molegatoCommission for VCR-Wolfe by molegatoCommission for Xeshaire (Kyouxii) by molegatoCommission for ClannadLover22 (Eos) by molegatoComission for DonateIIo (Danielle) by molegatoCommission for EMReven (The Atomic Knights) by molegatoCommission for Pitbullie by molegatoNate Commission for SugiIite (Nate) by molegatoCommission for GlowingSpirit (Nidhoggr) by molegato[Sold] 3D adopt: Great Ancient Dragon by molegato[Sold] 3D adopt: ShockWing Dragon by molegato3D Holy Wyvern by molegatoCommission for Soulkillur (Gigi) by molegatoCommission for Soulkillur (Souli chibi) by molegatoCommission for OnigiryStuff (Bao) by molegatoCommission for BlauesFeuer by molegatoCommission for Sallynyan (Diala) by molegatoCommission for HouseGhosts (Drew) by molegatoCommission for Belliko-art (Momo) by molegatoCommission for Estrrapade (Kuniku) by molegatoCommission for Estrrapade (myo nurse fumi) by molegatoCommission for Heyitskubur by molegatoRaffle prize chibi for Fluffiums90 by molegatoCommission for Kawiku (Astral) by molegatoCommission for Kawiku (Keke) by molegatoChibi Commission for TwinsofSatan by molegatoCommission for Pupuliima by molegatoCommission for Berneri by molegatoCommission for Ant-eater by molegatoCommission for Shadoritos (Adam and Lappazol) by molegatoCommission for Shadoritos (Papri) by molegatoCommission for Zigzaggin-goon by molegatoCommission for TornTethers by molegatoCommission for doveletters (2) by molegatoCommission for saw-bones (Announcer) by molegato

… and a lot more. If you want to check my whole deviantArt gallery, click here. 🙂

Soon I’ll be back with news about Demented Pixie’s launch!


Some drawings + hush hush

Hi, some new drawings… Not many, as I’ve been on vacations for a whole week, and working 9 hours a day for the rest of the time. Anyway!

Some fox thing I drew

Metal knuckles. From the weird-as-hell-but-cool-beyond-measure game, Sonic R

e-102 ‘gamma’ and e-100 ‘egg-robo’, initiating high-five mode!

The judge, or Pablo. The talkative cat from zone 0 in OFF. A french RPGmaker game you should inmediately check out!

Turtles are bad. Cute but bad. They bite. I have a friend (depicted here) who knows it too well.

You probably saw her already some other times. She’s from a project I’ve been draggin’ and letting it for later since… 10 years ago? Something like that.

Our mighty hero! Gonna save us all from the general evil! Also he’s a hamster!

Now… This has been interesting but… Wanna let you see something.

Not him. He’s dead. A close relative, maybe?


Sshh! I’m still alive! Don’t tell the cops!

You may be wondering why didn’t I post anything new lately. I’m moving away from rpgmaker and learning how to use Unity (which is both awesome and free) and working in a couple of weird projects with it.

Not a whole lot else to say, my computer broke last week and I’m using a replacement that appears to be made of wooden planks and brass gears. I’m taking it as a chance to practice my traditional drawing style. I don’t have a scanner so I can only take photographs of the drawings. Hope you like some of them!

And the lastest one. Not particulary proud of it, but for the sake of strangeness:

Minecraft + RPGmakerVxA = groovy!

Hiya! Today I come with something different:


for minecraft 1.4.2

How many of you play minecraft? And how many of you like the rpgmaker vx rtp?

Well, now minecraft can look pretty maker’ish! I first made this pack as a birthday present for Ramiro, but after 1.4 came out with the pretty scary update, I made a little rework on it and now everybody can use it~

Block textures look like tilesets, npc’s have also the general pattern of characters, and icons are just as the ones you know and love. Even the menus are rpgmakerlike! Most of the graphics are head-on copypaste, but I had to make others by editing and mofifying. Since, you know, there’s no creeper on rpgmaker. Sadly.

(It’s a hi-res texture pack, so you’ll need to patch your game with MCpatcher or you’ll have trippy graphic glitches)

Must… rise… from… graveyard!

Hi! I bet you thought I’m dead already, or even worse, that I stopped making stuff!

But no chance. I’ve been working a lot lately, and sadly, more is to come. But actually I come with good news too.

Party plz is kind of paused till I get good enough with my digital tablet, and for the time being, I’m drawing Blue Digital Ink. That’s a small, fast-made comic that I’m using to practice with the damned drawing machine! Hope you guys love blue.

And for rpgmaker… I have a small project on my hands that is actually making progress. I’ll just say… sidescroller shooter!

Neka fineclaw, cartoony version

Sup! You probably don’t know Neka Fineclaw, Beast Demoness, former World Empress. She was going to be the main character of an old game project. Thing is… I drew her a couple of days ago, and I decided to color it today. It’s the first thing I color in a lot of time. Stupid algebra thing. So sad. Anyway! I’m so freaking proud of the outcome, i’m showing it to all of you. Please tell me what do you think about it be it good or bad!

Fancy green night background flavour

Transparent background flavour

In my deviantArt you can see it too!

Hello there!

The cat’s here. Thank Ramiro, for conveincing me about making a wordpress.

There on the left is a link to my deviantArt page, wich will be updated more regularly than this blog thing, and note that while on deviantart I dont post game-related things, It’ll be totally the opposite here.

So… ok, not a lot of time for telling more, as I’m in the middle of exam season.

Sorry for a blog that ony has this post and no interesting info at the moment, folks! ^^U

Make sure of visiting my deviantArt page and Ramiro’s blog. Though if you’re reading this, you probably come from one of those places anyway~