Some drawings + hush hush

Hi, some new drawings… Not many, as I’ve been on vacations for a whole week, and working 9 hours a day for the rest of the time. Anyway!

Some fox thing I drew

Metal knuckles. From the weird-as-hell-but-cool-beyond-measure game, Sonic R

e-102 ‘gamma’ and e-100 ‘egg-robo’, initiating high-five mode!

The judge, or Pablo. The talkative cat from zone 0 in OFF. A french RPGmaker game you should inmediately check out!

Turtles are bad. Cute but bad. They bite. I have a friend (depicted here) who knows it too well.

You probably saw her already some other times. She’s from a project I’ve been draggin’ and letting it for later since… 10 years ago? Something like that.

Our mighty hero! Gonna save us all from the general evil! Also he’s a hamster!

Now… This has been interesting but… Wanna let you see something.

Not him. He’s dead. A close relative, maybe?



Critical Miss renamed…

So yeah, maybe some of you saw that I was going to change the name of the webcomic, cause it was already used by a roleplaying website, and ANOTHER webcomic, wich is, btw, kind of famous.

So I changed it, and tidied up the site a bit.

Also I’ll be updating twice a week, instead of trhee times, so I can draw more detailed and smoother pages.

I hope you all like it!