Basimple BS 5

Basimple BS5 is out!

New features include using strips and sheets for actors and enemies instead of just single-frame images, conditionals, script calls and more!

Check it out clicking here!


Diagonal movement fixes

Diagonal Movement Fixes

*click to download*

Some scripts give your players the hability to move diagonally, and that’s cool.┬áSideTop Character does, as a lot more do. However, diagonal movement is not supported in a lot of rpgmaker’s features, such as player following and direction check. This script fixes that, and should be compatible with any diagonal movement script. (At least it is with SideTop Characters).

What this script does:

  • Makes possible for events to keep their diagonal direction even when they are not moving. (By default they snap to a cardinal one)
  • Allows events to move diagonally when chasing the player of fleeing from it. (By default they’ll retardedly zig-zag their way)
  • Makes the event condition ‘event/player looking this direction’ detect diagonal directions as both cardinal directions combined (by default, moving diagonally won’t trigger any direction in the events)

What this doesn’t do:

  • Implementing diagonal movement for the player by itself

Animated Picture script

Animated Pictures

Click on the red letters

Hello! I know this comes as a surprise (to me too), but I’ve come with a script.

Why did I make it? Who knows.

Thing’s pretty easy to use, it lets you make the same pictures you use with the event command ‘show picture’ animated, and comes with a set of options.

You just have to rig the animations on the config module, following this format:

‘animation_name’ => [frame_delay, loop_mode, [image1,image2,image3,image4,image5…]],

‘Animation_name’ is the name of the picture you’re going to use in the ‘show picture’ event, while image1,image2,etc are the images that will actually show up.┬áThere are only two loops modes: ‘once’ and ‘loop’. I’ll let you figure what does each of those two do.

This script doesn’t require molegato functions to work! Enjoy!


Edit: Fixed a bug that made pictures to stick with the same graphics the second time you shown one. Now it works neato burrito.

Script update: Variable quest menu

Sup, everypeoples!

Ok, that sounded… huh… weird. Whatever.

Little thing added to that script: Quest activation!

Now quests have four possible states:

-Not found yet: it wont even appear on the menu, variable value = 0

-Aviable: you just started the quest, but you didn’t solve it yet. variable value = 1

-Active: an Aviable quest you selected as your main quest for the time being, making a difference between the rest of quests and this one. Variable value = 2

-Solved: you finished your quest! Now it may not be activable. variable value = 3 or more.

The whole thing can be activated/deactivated on the configuration module, so you can still make it look as it was before.

Take a look on the script’s post!

Clean Message Window

Today, after centuries of not doing a shit about rgss… I present:


click on the image to download

What does this script do?

Very little, actually. But what it does is nice.

  1. Introduces the auto-line-jump. Meaning that if you write ‘blablabla yadda yadda overly long prhase’ without pressing enter a single time, the text will automatically divide itself in lines to fit the width of the window, so it doesn’t get out of range and impossible to read.
  2. Adjusts the vertical size of the message window to fit the number of lines of the text it shows, only if you activate that option. You can select the default state of that option on the configuration module, and you can change its state any time you want with a simple script call. You can also set a maximum line number, and if the text is longer than that, it’ll be shown in multiple messages.
  3. That’s all. Really. Just be glad it works with any window position, with and without faces, with window or dim background, and that I think it should be compatible with the ‘moving the window around’ trick.

Enjoy and have fun!

Basimple BS v4: Cerebus Syndrome

Hello everybody! I’m proud today, I finished V4 of Basimple BS, and as a promise is a debt, I made the user manual.

So brace yourselves,

Basimple BS v4

is here!

Script | molegato functions | manual

New features are:

  • Victory and death poses
  • Two modes of low-end animation for enemies
  • Inmovile enemy option
  • Attack options for weapons
  • Trhowable animations
  • More options in custom chains
  • Posibility to premake custom_chains and reuse them in skills and items

Any question? Go ahead! And please, read the manual!

Edit: mini-update to fix some bugs when calling common events while a non-valid subject was selected in custom chains. Please re-download the script and manual if you’re having issues calling common events in custom chains.

And something I haven’t done in a while: NEWS FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!

  • Archeia Nessiah was making a tutorial, but some evil bug messed it up. Hope we see it done soon, I’m looking forward to it!

Basimple BS V3 is f***ing out! ^o^

You wanted it. Now it’s here!


script|molegato functions

What are the new features since v2.1?

  • Camera movement and zoom
  • Fully functional dynamic backgrounds, integrated with the camera movement for some nice effects
  • Capability to change any configuration of the BS in-game, and save it with the save file, allowing to more unique custom battles
  • Now you can change the frame number for every single basic pose, and specify the frame number and loop for custom ones on-the-spot
  • Enemies now can have a custom attack animation, with a single small tag
  • Now you can use CUSTOM CHAIN ACTIONS.
    • That means you can make the battler do a number of things, one after the other, to make unique attack animations, like jumping high in the sky then diving on the enemy, changing to different attack poses to deal a devastating combo, or show a buttload of animations.
    • The current actions that can be chained are:
      # <c_chain: wait,frames>
      # <c_chain: pose,name>
      # <c_chain: pose,name,frames,loop>
      # <c_chain: move,self/center/target,+x,+y,ratio>
      # <c_chain: animation,self/target,id>
      # <c_chain: autoanimation,self/target>
      # <c_chain: camera,self/center/target,+x,+y,zoom,ratio>
      # <c_chain: camera_normal,rate>
      # <c_chain: use_action>
      # <c_chain: end> Continue reading