Meet Bersha!

Hello there, no-visitors!

Here I present you another character for Steel Pawn…

Bersha, the amazon!

Yep, in this game, the slow-and-strong character is a pink girl. With a spikey mace.

She’s exiled from an amazon tribe because of her parents, who were forbidden to live together, and dishonored the tribe’s laws. They’re now dead, and she only wants revenge against the one that killed them. Serious and strong willed, lacking a couple of social skills, and prone to anger rushes. But look, she’s pink, so deep inside, she gotta be nice, I guess…


Second character portrait… and character information salvo!

Now, I know there’s still not much expectation about it, but I feel like showing the second character!

You saw her (or a slighty outdated version of her) on Ramiro’s blog, but here’s the portrait:

That lady is the best secret spy ever! Fast, nimble, and stupid-and-smart-at-the-same-time, whatever that may mean… She’s dangerous while using her spy fighting style, but she’s even worse when improvising~


by the way…

Do you remember him? I tell you, his name’s Keit, but he got the surname of ‘boxy’ for reasons that are less obvious than you might guess. Former boxing champion, serious and with somewhat low self steem, fights kinda defensively, balancing well his moves.


Ok, I guess that’s all, hope you like those little fighters, cause there’re many to come~

That project + Character Portrait

You probably wonder about that project of Ramiro and me. Well… there’s not a lot I can tell you about it right now, secretism rules!

However, there’s a number of things you should know by now.

  1. It’s mainly coded by Ramiro, but I’m sharing with him the experience I have in programming fighting and platforming games (not in finishing them, though…), so in the end we have a solid system with all the customization and efficience Ramiro gives to his scripts! And hopefully I’ll learn a bit of rgss among the way ^^U
  2. It’ll be a fighting game, though I wont reveal a lot of its key features because, you know, we didnt get to it yet. Whoops.
  3. I’ll handle the graphics, and probably, also the music and sound effects. And voice acting, if we dont get someone to help out on that…

And now, as a mix of bonus content and ‘I wanna show off’, I show you the first official character portrait image.

Boxy Kait portrait imageWho’s that guy? Soon you’ll know it. Hopefully.

Hope you like it, Ramiro and me will tell more about the game when time comes!