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3 thoughts on “Games

  1. Ninto says:

    Chainsaw cat is a fun game but they is a issue that prevent me from playing/enjoying it. The jump seem to have a important delay or my keyboard have a ghosting problem with that key configuration. I wish I could change the button to check if is my keyboard or the game.

    • molegato says:

      Hi! This is known to happen whenever the game is running slow (it’s in fact the first symptom, before the graphics does slow) and sadly, there’s nothing I could do about that, it’s one of the limitations of the engine used, which works with flash, which as we all know, is slow as balls. 😦

      Don’t worry, though, there’s more to be heard about chainsaw cat soon enough… 😉

      • Ninto says:

        oh wow, did not expect a reply from you honestly XD Thanks for the information. Still think it would be nice if we could bind our own key (assuming is possible)

        Looking forward to see more about chainsaw cat =p

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