Demented pixie: the equip menu



Hi there! Been working hard on the inventory / equip system.


You sure didn’t expect this, right? Jiggsaw puzzle for equipment!

Every new equip piece you find comes with randomized sides, having three forms for each one. You get a 3×3 grid to begin with (maybe it will be possible to extend it with an upgrade) and the first part you add must be the top center one (the slot is marked with a cross). From then on, everything you add must attach to the pieces you already put there.

Of course you can take these back and replace them with others, because they’re better, or because they allow you to fit more pieces.

Also we see here the stats window, which shows max health, damage, movement speed and attack speed (100% means normal attack, and having it go down mean faster attacks). Those stats show changes when dragging a piece to a slot, with stats that go up in green and stats that go down in red.


And finally, there are active items. Think of them like potions or tools. They have a cooldown, some of them have limited uses, and once equiped you can use them at any time.

All of those things can be controlled with mouse of with keyboard (and suposedly, with gamepad too. Haven’t done much testing with that).

If you have any question or suggestion, I’m here for you.

Have a nice day!


Demented pixie news

Hi! Got some new screenies about Demented Pixie.

Every level is randomly generated, so you’ll never know what’s to come!

Soon to release: Hall of fame!

Hi, you all! I’ve got a couple of questions about the terms of use of my scripts as of recently.

Yes, they’re free to use in any commercial game, no hassle about it! Just slap my name in the credits and tell me about it if you plan to go big!

I’m really interested about any project that uses any of my scripts, and I’ve been thinking about making a hall of fame of sorts, where I link back to your games and show what you did with my scripts.

Please tell me about your projects, big or small, completed or WIP, and I’ll try to send extra hugs to them from within the blog.

Toodles, have a nice day!

Glitch kickstarter

Hi! Just posting to tell you about this project that has been launched recently!

En House Studios are in the works for one interesting RPG, in which the main character becomes aware of what he is: a character in a videogame. That interesting premise isn’t the only cool thing, though; The game features really cool retro-pixel art and tons of totally unique characters.

They’re still early in development, and the game can be something big, so why don’t you take a look?

Sword of Storms is out!

“When a student of one of the two great fencing schools uses a terrible ancient weapon to destroy the rival school, the only survivor must find the only weapon equal in power to that of his enemy: The Sword of Storms.”


So… here it is! New game!

It’s a blend between metroidvania and classic platformer, with more sword-swinging, map-exploring and coin-collecting than you can shake a stick at. I’ve already uploaded it to my favourite game portals, so you can check it out and tell me what you think about it. Have fun!

b_kongregate b_gamejolt

More information

More information

Chainsaw cat is OUT!

Hello, cats and kittens! I’ve finally released Chainsaw cat, free to play at both Kongregate and Newgrounds!



More information

Be sure to take a look and tell your friends, this is my first step at serious-looking game-making and I’ll need all of your support! Thanks for following me and let’s have fun!