Yeah. I have scripts. Go see ’em


Molegato functions core

(This one is needed in the scripts with * besides)


* Basimple Battle System *

* CUSTOM battle status and command windows *

* Cut actions by element *

Sudden Death

Command Bgm

* Multiple turns *


* Multiple parallaxes *

SideTop characters

Diagonal movement Fixes

Event transmutter

* Event info window *

* Character size *


* Item fragments *


Clean message window

* Variable Quest menu *

Animated Pictures


Scripts terms of use


Games that use molegato’s scripts

Quest of Life

Quest of Life






8 thoughts on “Scripts

  1. Vallar says:


    I just came by your scripts and I was wondering what are the terms of use when it comes to competitions.
    The reason I am asking is that I am hoping to upload a game to and I was wondering if you can give me permission to do that (I need the quest journal script and of course the functions one)?

    Thank you very much.
    Best Regards,

    • molegato says:

      You can use the scripts for any contest, even the ones with potential economic prize! Just be sure to place me somewhere in the credits and tell me so I can see what’s the project about! (I love to see what people do with my scripts)

      • Vallar says:

        Oh, most definitely… you shall be credited and I’ll link back here once it is uploaded.

        Would there be a way to contact you if I had a question regarding a clarification of something in the script other than the comments here?

      • molegato says:

        Of course, you can reach me by email anytime you want.
        The address is
        (I really should point that out somewhere in the blog!)

  2. raymunji says:

    Wow this is cool, there are a lot of functions available. Is there a demo or a youtube video showing off some of the things you can do with it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it in action.

    • molegato says:

      Hi! Most scripts have some screenshots showing what the script does, and the biggest one (Basimple BS), actually has a couple of demos to download and try out.
      Just visit each script’s own page clicking on the list. 🙂

  3. raymunji says:

    Sorry I was meant to post my comment under the CUSTOM battle status and command windows page as it is the script that I’m interested in also doesn’t help that I didn’t actually mention that in my first post. Anyway I couldn’t see any demo or photos for it on the page so I thought I would just ask as there is a lot of functions in that script and I would like to see them in action. Basically the function I was after is this I was hoping your script might be able to accomplish this where when you are in battle the attack and Magic / special menu items and their sub menu items appear as icons above the character, and you can just click on them, It’s the final cherry on the cake for a game I’m working on I wont be any less enjoyable working on it and not having the function. But having it would really make the game pop I feel. So if you could let me know if one of your scripts can do this that would be great, or if you have seen one out there on webs that would be awesome, I have done a bit of searching but haven’t been able to find one that can do it

    Anyway thanks for your swift reply and sorry about the long post

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